Central European Beer Awards – 2020

International Beer Competition

Entity calling for and organizer of competition:

Magyar Gasztrokulturális Rendezvényszervező Kft.

(Hungarian Gastro-Cultural Event Organizing LLC)

Director of Competition: Ladislav Kovács

Coordinator of Competition: Attila Fabulya


I. Objectives of competition:

  • Promotion of beer, as one of the most popular beverage nationally and beyond the borders
  • Promotion of small-scale artisanal beers
  • Promotion of home brewing
  • Promotion of moderate beer consumption
  • Improvement of quality through the individual reports of achievements of producers, manufacturers
  • Acknowledgement of the high quality work of artisanal breweries


II. Scope of competition:

  • Non-professional home brewers (Home brewing)
  • Artisanal small-scale breweries (Craft Breweries) – max. 200 000 hL/year


III. Procedure of competition:

As stated in this document of competition rules.


IV. Announcement of competition:

Announcement and rules can be found on the website: www.ceba.hu, www.sorfesztivalgyula.hu.



Applications available through the website www.ceba.hu , www.sorfesztivalgyula.hu, through registration at the CEBA – 2020 tab.

Registration ends at 12 p.m. 4th May, 2020.


Details of application:

Competitors have to send in minimum 3 liters of samples per types of beer, in minimum 6 bottles. One competitor can enter the competition with a maximum of 5 items per category.

Please label name of manufacturer, name of beer and type of beer on the samples sent in.


Items have to be sent to the address of the organizer of competition:

Magyar Gasztrokulturális Rendezvényszervező Kft.

5600 Békéscsaba, Szarvasi út 79. (office upstairs)

Deadline: 12.a.m. 11th May 2020.


V. Entry fees:

„A” – Home brewers category: 3.500 HUF per sample, over 4 samples: 3.000 HUF per sample.

„B” – Small-scale breweries category: 8.000 HUF + VAT per sample, over 4 samples 6.000 HUF + VAT per sample.

In case of competitors from abroad: both categories 30 EUR per sample, over 4 samples: 20 EUR.


Payment: at the latest on handing over the samples, in cash, or by bank transfer to the bank account of Magyar Gasztrokulturális Rendezvényszervező Kft. At the bank K&H Bank Zrt., account number: 10402609-50526686-90901012. (IBAN: HU63 10402609-50526686-90901012, SWIFT: OKHBHUHB). Please indicate the name of competitor and “entry fee”. We provide invoices with the transfer details after the entries.

Sensory evaluation: 14-15 May 2020.

Location: Panoráma Hotel – Restaurant, 5600 Békéscsaba, Gyulai út 84.


If you have any questions please contact Anikó Adamik at the phone number +36 30 5221679 or at the e-mail aniko.adamik@sorfesztivalgyula.hu.


VI. Competition categories:

20 basic categories and their subcategories according to BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) standards:

1.) Czech Pale Lager (3A)

2.) Czech Premium Pale Lager (3B)

3.) Czech Amber Lager (3C)

4.) Czech Dark Lager (3D)

5.) Oatmeal Stout (16B)

6.) American Blond Ale (18A)

7.) American Pale Ale (18B)

8.) Russian Imperial Stout (20C)

9.) English IPA (12C)

10.) American IPA (21A)

11.) New England IPA – Specialty IPA (21B)

12.) Rye IPA – Specialty IPA (21 B)

13.) German Wheat Beer – Weissbier (10A)

14.) Vienna Lager (7A)

15.) Amber Kellerbier (7C)

16.) Baltic Porter (9C)

17.) German Pils (5D)

18.) Saison (25B)

19.) Special Style Smoked Beer (32B)

20.) Specialty Fruit Beer (29A-B-C)

21.) Spice, Herb or Vegetable Beer (30A)

22.) Brown Porter (13C)

23.) Fruit Lambic (23F)

24.) Witbier (24A)

25.) Belgian Pale Ale (24B)

26.) Double IPA (22A)

27.) American Barleywine (22C)

28.) Brett Beer (28A)

29.) Mixed Style Beer (34B)

30.) Experimental Beer (34C)


VII. Reception of samples:

The whole process of the competition is based on a computerized system, practically excluding subjective elements of evaluation.

At the headquarters of the organizer of the competition the samples are registered, and identified with the data sent in, on electronic entry sheets. Through the computerized system all samples get an encrypted code. This code registers samples in the order of arrivals. It is checked whether the items correspond to the conditions stated in the rules etc., and if necessary, competitors are contacted in order to clarify and modify any faulty or unclear data. Receipts and entry fees are also collected.


VIII. Way and method of evaluation by professional judges:

Judges are selected so that they are persons who are suitable to make objective and correct decisions and are in good physical condition. We request a person for judging based on their performance at other competitions.

The members of the sensual jury are invited by the organizer of the competition, in full knowledge of the written proposal of the competition director.

Process of evaluation:

The members of the jury carrying out evaluation do not take part in the process of the preparation of samples; during judging they only have information provided on the spot (name of sample, alcohol content, category, maturity, competition serial number).

The samples are placed in an order in a room separated from the jury, to ensure secrecy. The judges are not allowed to enter this room before or during evaluation. It is ensured by the organizer and supervised by the director of the competition.

The director of competition is to check conditions relating to staff, and to check whether the preparation room, judging room, and the equipment used are according to the regulations. If not, evaluation is suspended.

The judges get the items based on the computerized database and the scheduling by the director of the competition.

The competitors get the results of the samples on an evaluation sheet within 30 days after the announcement of results, with the points and text evaluation as well.


Evaluation sheet:

Judging is made in a 50 point evaluation system, according to the following below:

  • Smell: 12 point
  • Appearance: 3 point
  • Taste: 20 point
  • Sip syndrome: 5 point
  • Overall impression: 10 point


During the evaluation only full points can be given.

Medal limits:

  • Gold: 48 – 50 points
  • Silver : 44 – 47 points
  • Bronze : 40 – 43 points


IX. Other conditions:

The person who takes part in the preparation and serving of the samples shall not be the member of the professional or top jury.

The director of competition determines the schedule of judging, the scheduling of judges and breaks.

The director of competition has the right to reorganize the jury and the scheduling of the competition if necessary.

If needed, some jury members might be made to have a break to rest or the director may even exempt them from further judging.

The director of competition does not have the authority to overrule the points’ evaluation of the jury or the top jury.

The winner – Champion – item selected from among gold medal samples is based on the opinion of all judges with unanimous electronic voting at the end of the competition.

In case the votes are evenly divided a new voting is commenced. If the same – evenly divided – number of votes occur after the new voting, the director of competition makes the final decision by tasting.

All data owners are to use the data solely for the completion of their tasks in the competition, until the closing of the competition. Any data or information provided to third parties, outsiders may entail criminal consequences.

Public statements about the competition and its results is to be made only with the permission of the person who called for the competition.


X. Further tasks of the director of competition:

  • Professional management of the competition, ensuring everything is done according to the rules and in a clean way.
  •  Determining the number of judges.
  •  Handing sample groups to the jury.
  •  Supervision of the correct process of judging as well as ensuring that the judges do not influence one another’s opinion during judging.
  •  Supervision of the correct recoding and evaluation of results.
  •  Determination of competition categories, in which a category winner is announced.
  •  Authorization of final results.
  •  Supervision of preserving the unanimity of products taking part in the competition until the announcement of results.


XI. Qualification of items entered into the competition:

Qualifications, medals, award certificates:




Champion, that is, a category winner: in a given category, the jury chooses from among the gold medal products, with the computerized system, unanimously, by simple majority voting.

A category winner might be chosen if there are minimum 5 beers competing in the given category.

If any category gets less than 5 beers entered, in this case these beers will be evaluated in the “20. Specialty Beer” category.

The organizer of the competition has the right to inspect item size, correspondence of quality and origin in case of each sample and competitor entered. In case a deflection is found compared to the data provided, he has the right to annul and take back any prizes and to publish the reason of withdrawal.


Grand prizes:

Grand Champion prize is announced in the following categories:

  •  Home brewing, non-professional
  •  Small-scale artisanal – Craft Brewery – max. 200 000 hL/year


These prizes are determined by the top jury according to the results achieved.

There will be a possibility to order gold, silver and bronze, Champion and Grand Champion medal labels in 2020, too. The organizer of the competition is going to provide information about this after the announcement of results.

The Grand Champion award winner sample automatically gets 100 pieces of medal tag which is freely usable.

The champion award winner samples automatically gets 100 pieces of medal tags for 50 Ft + tax, if the denominator signs up at the registration.


XII. Publicity of the competition:

The organizer of the competition is striving to provide as much publicity to the competition as possible. Professional judging is organized so that no external factors could disturb the work of the judges.

The celebration of announcing the results is going to take place at the event „Gyulai Kézműves Sörfesztivál” on 13th June 2020, with the largest possible publicity involving national and international press.

Denominators of the home brewers category, in case of registering 5 or more samples, will receive a free entry ticket for two to the award ceremony.

Denominators of the artisanal breweries category, in case of registering 5 or more samples, will receive a VIP ticket for two to the award ceremony.

The tickets are registered, they aren’t transferable.

However, it is necessary to lay down the following for unified communication:

Official information is to be given out only by the organizer of the competition. Regarding professional questions of the competition only the competition director shall give information only after the results have been announced.

Public statements about the competition and its procedures are to be made on behalf of the represented economic, national or social unit by the participants or other persons involved, keeping the rules of the competition.

The competitors, by handing in their samples, acknowledge that regarding their position and number of points achieved at the competition no complaints will be accepted.

All rights reserved for the organizer of the competition.

We hereby officially certify that the Hungarian document given to the TIT Translation Office and attached to the translation corresponds to the English translation of the document.